BSF-ACCESS Chemicals Collections

Thanks to an important instrumental infrastructure, the BSF has been performing screenings since 2006 and handling collections of 130’000 siRNAs and 65’000 chemical compounds.

About 15’000 of these small molecules have been available for screening by the whole community of our researchers while a higher proportion of these collections (50’000 compounds, mostly GPCRs and Kinase-targeted libraries) were handled by the platform for few projects due to specific partnering agreements between the research groups and the suppliers of these focused chemical libraries.

The BSF ‘generic set’ of chemicals available to every screening project is composed of the Maybridge Hit-Finder collection, 14’400 chemicals and Prestwick Chemical Collection, 1’280 chemicals.

For providing access to our users to a larger chemical diversity we built up on the previous BSF existing collections by designing, selecting and purchasing different sets or sub-collections.

Compound Management

Quality Control

Delivering Compounds

After approval of submitted requests, the BSF is able to deliver selected cherry picked compounds or subcollections in assay plates ready to be screened. We can prepare plates compatible with your assay format.

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Collecting Compounds from Academic Labs

Compound Management Workflow

One of the goals of ACCESS is the creation of a screening library with chemical compounds collected from Swiss academic labs.

Within the NCCR Chemical Biology, the Biomolecular Screening Facility (BSF) will be hosting and managing this Swiss National Chemical Collection.

The strategy for collecting chemicals has been defined and pilot tests have been performed with members of the NCCR that donated the first set of chemical compounds from their labs. We validated our strategic approach for collecting chemical compounds from Swiss organic chemistry academic labs and we established standard operating procedures (SOP) and guidelines for proper handling, transfer and tracking of donated compounds.

 link to Transferring compounds to the BSF

RNAi Libraries

Species Nber of targeted genes Supplier

Human genome

22’000 – 4 individuals siRNAs / gene


Human genome

18’000 – 4 pooled siRNAs / gene


Mouse druggable genome

7’000 – 4 individuals siRNAs / gene


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